BADA Service Features

BADA members can focus on their business through the services that we provide. These features, which will include continuous new functionality and improvement, that will help members do business in the broader ocean without any worry.

Archtecutre | Infrastructure‚Äč

As a cloud native architecture, BADA provides immense flexibility and scalability where members will not have to worry about upfront costs and in-house hardware infrastructure. By using the most advanced cloud technologies ensures members are secured by the most robust antivirus software, WAF, and physical security measures.


From basic business staff web to partner channels, BADA provides easy-to-use and seamless user experience for all business-related users. With extensive experience in creating user-friendly and best-practice channels, BADA offers members high-performing and well-equipped applications using the latest hybrid application technologies.

Functional Services

BADA comes with the best-practice for business processes that provide members with all core banking services. From 360 degree customer information coverage to accurate real-time reporting and everything in between, BADA provides the functionality members need.


Banks need to be capable of integrating core banking systems with ATMs for easy access cash along with external institutions services such as buy-loads and bill-payments. BADA already interfaces with local institutions such as Bancnet, Gcash, and ibayad. So members can easily expand their service to customers at any time.