True Banking Software As A Service

We engineered BADA. We know the Philippines.

Bankware Global has acquired expertise in implementing banking systems from customers of all sizes, from Internet-only banks to global markets. With high-quality software of its own and experienced staff, Bankware Global enables banks to provide the market with their swift services.

While working directly with the very first bank within the Philippines on a core banking system on a public cloud, Bankware Global has provided a stable, yet upgradable, service quality set of products. Due to the interface to other local institutions, it’s easy to offer additional services, such as ATM and InstaPay.

Customers can focus on their business because Bankware Global offers localized and proven tailored banking solutions that are built and operated in-house. These solutions are built at scale, in the Cloud as-a-Service or On-Premise.

BADA is a banking software as a service for the Philippines. BADA is cost-effective and offers you a business-centric, hassle-free IT operation.


BADA Benefits

Lowers Costs

Increases Accuracy

Improves Speed

Business Efficiency

BADA offers these four clear benefits — plus many more — directly to your business. All of these benefits can be immediately experienced by your business. Let us be the backbone to your digital transformation today. Check out below to see exactly how you get these benefits.

Easy Digital Transformation

Radically improve business performance and reach with the technology that BADA offers as your Banking Digital Transformation solution. Transform the relationship with your customers by overhauling business processes and operations. That is transformative.

Transforming Process

BADA implements technology that will enable completely new processes. It also makes your current processes more efficient that increases accuracy and speed, along with lowering costs.

Transforming Operations

You keep running at the speed of business, no matter what happens. There will be no more wasted time creating a new financial product for new customers.

Transforming the Customer Experience

There will be no more scrambling to make progress with the customers. Digital transformations with BADA has a huge effect on how customers interact with your bank and how they feel about those interactions.

No Concern Security & Compliance

Information security awareness is a crucial practice for banks of all sizes. Protection of important data—customer and business data alike—is paramount in the banking industry. The detection and prevention of modern threats and vulnerabilities is an idea that is already understood, but one that places additional burdens on a bank. Why remove valuable time and resources in implementing security when those resources could be aligned to differentiate your business from your competitors?

Cloud Security

Moving your business to the cloud means having the need for cloud security. Key business aspects will be routed through the cloud and your business will need protection of this stored data from theft, leaks, and deletion. Frequent methods of cloud security includes firewalls, penetration testing, obfuscation, tokenization, virtual private networks (VPN), and using trusted internet connections.

Data Security

Businesses know about data security for their data. There is the need to protect your databases and resources from destructive forces and unwanted actions from unauthorized users in cyberattacks or data breaches. This security is all provided through a robust infrastructure that includes backups and data recovery.

Endpoint Security

There are always external links with the internals of a business that are inescapable. You have users, employees, and connected devices that interface with your business to create meaningful value; however, it is these interfaces that are your weakest security links. With endpoint security in place, these links are greatly reinforced through techniques like end-to-end encryption that mitigate cybersecurity threats before they even start.

Financial Benefit

Moving to the cloud fundamentally changes a business to be more agile and effective through a pay-as-you-go model. This is a practical solution—no matter the size of your business—that allows a company to reduce their dependence on costly expenses. No more expensive servers to handle unexpected surges that usually reach low capacity. Along with not needing hardware, comes savings in maintenance and IT support. The financial benefits are countless.

Changing How You Pay

As a business, saving money is essential and moving to the cloud is a great way to move large and expensive capital expenses that depreciate to well-understood and manageable operational expenses that only bring in value. This pay-as-you-go model is key that gives businesses the competitive edges that are needed. Focus these freed up resources on new technologies, innovative solutions, and customer engagement.

Being Agile

Surges in company resources always happen and you have to be ready to handle every single one of them—from the expected mid-day surge in customer usage, an unexpected external event, or anything in between. With any demand surge, under a cloud infrastructure, there is no need to buy additional and expensive in-house servers to manage brief surges that will mostly run idle. A business will only pay for what they use with instantaneous surge protection, expected or unexpected.

Getting on the Same Page as Finance

Technology is the business now. Where it used to only be a specialized part, it is now a crucial and indispensable aspect of a business that needs to be treated as the essential part that it truly is. Industries are quickly moving into the direction where technology investments are seen for their revenue generating abilities rather than cash sinks. This is resulting in a monumental shift in how Finance views IT. The revenue potential of harmonized IT and Finance departments will be the force that accelerates your business.

Business Centric

Our business-centric methodology refers to the dedicated techniques required to re-engineer corporate business processes to take advantage of new information technology abilities. This involves retrofitting internal business processes to evolve with the flow of the industry as well as processes to efficiently collaborate and properly integrate external suppliers and partners to enhance your offerings. Business-centric Digital Transformations with BADA is the way to go.

Focus on Flexibility

Develop IT strategies that involve your entire business and give your business the flexibility needed to evolve properly—whether it’s your business is changing the industry or your business needs to change with the industry. Don’t lock yourself in to expensive infrastructure and costly enterprise software that won’t change with your evolving business needs.

Realize Your Needs

Start with the most fundamental business needs. From those needs, identify all the physical systems and solutions that can best meet those business needs. Analyze the core business process improvements that would have the most striking impact on your business. Finally, evaluate which software, data and workflow systems will impact those business processes. While tools are how you get your needs, they should not define your needs. Always focus on fundamental needs, not tools.

Put Customers First

Strengthen the IT departments understanding of the business by having them get out to meet customers and to drive around with Sales. Making critical IT decisions should not be done in isolation as the best return on value for IT expenditures is by ensuring that the IT department is not only business savvy, but also knows the customers well. An IT strategy that places additional focus on meeting these business needs is the key to success.