BADA's first commercial

We engineered BADA - Banking Anywhere Digital Anybody.
BADA means Dagat in Korean, a place of life that allows all to exist.

We have been working on banking solutions for 40 years to make the world better - where everyone can prosper together. BADA allows us to continue this ability.

“Banking Software as a service, BADA”

We started developing BADA which utilized cloud technologies with Java from our first architecture. Since then, we have devoted more than 10 years to the R&D of our core banking solutions.

BADA offers infinite scalability.

BADA holds you in a warm embrace. We have established a safe and flexible ecosystem, unshakable by the great waves of the world, which is based on our vast experience with banks of all sizes from China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea.

BADA provides an efficient ecosystem.

In the world of BADA, where everyone lives together, you don't have to suffer from maintaining your own fish tanks.

You can enjoy the wealth of new resources that you want in BADA, the expansive Dagat.

BADA is a thoroughly prepared Dagat for all your needs.

Let’s surf together in the BADA with Bankware Global.

"Banking Software as a service, BADA - Banking Anywhere Digital Anybody” Bankware Global