Bankware Global
Company Presentation


Bankware Global makes and exports Software for business users.

Particularly, we are very good for developing or restructuring core systems of financial service industry clients. We have abundant experience of succeeding in next generation system development project for leading financial clients.

We are composed of experienced consultants and architects who can envision long term IT strategy, and software developers with extremely high skills who can realize it immediately. By operation both consultants and software developers as one team, we can quickly understand client’s business strategy and implements it fast.

We believes that dedication to client’s business success is most important. Our vision is we can help our society innovate the way of financial services by means of our consulting capability and software skills. We have firm confidence that investing into skills of employees best suits to long term growth of the company. Since our establishment, lots of clients have helped us. I appreciate them very much from my heart, and look forward to continuous encouragement and constructive criticism.

Thank you very much.