Are you ready for Post-Coronavirus world


Today is the most crucial moment to prepare the Post-coronavirus world. Spreading coronavirus over the world will change most of the life patterns. Financial service is closely related to our life, so we need to prepare for the change.

You can see how Korea is dealing with coronavirus efficiently. Korea has prepared epidemic disease after MERS(Middle East respiratory syndrome), so Korea deals with coronavirus effectively and shortly. Korean financial service system is the same as coronavirus pandemic treatment. The banks in Korea have digitally transformed with disrupt technologies, including the untact(un-contact) technologies.

Let's see why you should consider financial software made in Korea.

First, Korea has a vast pool of industry experts and innovators.
It obtained the highest score, 89.9% in the latest Bloomberg innovative index. Korea incorporates new technology and ideas to improve meeting productivity, knowledge, and experience. Financial services are linked to other industries, interacting with each other, and developing.

Second, there are several remarkable factors in the history of the Korea financial industry, but you need to focus on how Korea and the Philippines market is similar. Since 1997 after the IMF crisis, Korean financial institutes have overcome the challenges step by step. For the first several years after the IMF crisis, the banks searched an efficient way to survive. And they tried to build a whole new IT system to improve efficiency; we called it the Next Generation system. After the Next Generation period, the banks have focused on digital transformation with edge technologies. There was another crisis from the USA in 2008; it became the Global Financial Crisis. 2008 Global Financial Crisis recalls the previous crisis; the Korea financial institutions started to transform their business into Un-tact Technology. This untact Acceleration: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and Internet-Only Banks naturally brought the preparation coronavirus pandemic.
The post-coronavirus period will bring many challenges, like the Korean IMF crisis and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. It indicates the institutions need to be cost-effective and flexible for embracing any market changes.

Third, Korea ranked number one for having the highest percentage(95%) of smartphone owners in a global survey. And according to a report titled "Asia Banking in the Digital Consumer Era" released by McKinsey, a global consulting firm, on April 17, Korea's digital banking penetration rate reached 99%. No survivor without proper-working digital banking in Korea. It's already normal not seeing a teller, just tapping on the mobile device. It is beneficial after spreading coronavirus—no one blames the banks due to the convenience of untact technologies.

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